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Marit Brademann


I am an Agile Coach and Product Facilitator in Berlin and San Diego.

I coach Product Development teams to embrace uncertainty. I help individuals to bring their big ideas out into the world as part of a team.
I see agile principles as a framework that respects humans.
I am convinced that useful products are made of persistent passion, in depth analysis and proud people.

My Resume


Holding Master's Degree in Social Sciences, I focused on decision making theories from sociological and social psychological perspectives. My interest to analyze people's behavior and their choices is the connecting string between every single educational station of my journey, such as the interest in sociology, data science, cognitive science and design.


Over the past 8 years, I have helped start ups and established companies alike to improve significantly the quality of their software products. My aim is to improve collaboration between product design, quality assurance and software development.
In combination with my Diplom in Social Sciences and a certificate in Design Thinking, I am able to guide teams on their agile transition to a sustainable user-centric organisation.

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